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Day 8, Vancouver Fringe

Dear Diary,

Yet again the clowns had a day off. One would think that they never really worked at all! Except they did. On their day off. #toomuchcommitmentforawednesday They postured and flyered practically all of Main St and met a lot of supes friendly peeps. They made me carry all of the supplies. Do I look like a pack mule? Hardly. I totes flossed today. By the time we were done I had a bunch of tape in my hair and glue under my fingernails. #ouchieeyebrowwaxing Then we went to Granville Island and caught a showing of “The Greatest Monkey Show on Earth.” He promised to do a strip pole dance if the house sold out, but it didn’t. #bumskies #Iwantamonkeymom! That poor monkey, I like, totally wanted to take him home with me, but Diane wouldn’t let me. She was concerned about the smell of keeping a wild animal under my bed. #hardly #momknowsbest? After that we were so starving, I almost ate a couple pedestrians. #oopies? We headed back to Main St and had dinner at a restaurant we had postered earlier. They didn’t remember us. #howcouldyouforget? We then went back to the island later than we had thought and missed the show we were gonna see next. #betterlucknexttime #eatfasterTed But it wasn’t a loss because we totally ran into our friend Rory who is doing a show called “A Mind Full of Dopamine.” Ted and Diane are great on the telly but in person they get pretty shy. #whoknew! Rory totes helped us out and taught us the tricks of flyering. He’s the best. We are defs gonna catch his show tomorrow. After a bunch of flying and being the center of attention we went over and watched “The Unfortunate Ruth.” Ted totally didn’t realize that the two characters were played by the same person until we told him after the show. She was soooo goood. After Ruth, the clowns went to the grocery store and caused some mayhem. They didn’t get kicked out, but it was a close call. #grumpyclosingtimeworkers Then ice cream before bed. A missing wallet found. And some candy crush played. #allinagoodday

Peace out,


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