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The Other Portland

After our adventures in Montreal, we were all needing to reset our internal clocks. Staying up until four in the morning and having to be out the door by 9:30 the next morning takes a lot of a person with continual repetition. We crossed the border in Vermont, and I got to experience that state for a whole 10 minutes before we were into New Hampshire- and then out of New Hampshire and into Maine. It’s fun to travel through these really tiny states. I felt like I was in a new place every half an hour!

We arrived at Laura’s aunt and uncle’s house late Monday night, but we only stayed for a moment. We dropped our trailer off and some of the things that we wouldn’t be needing for a couple days before jetting even further north to Samoset. Laura’s parents have a timeshare at a resort on the beach and we stayed with them for a couple nights. It was bliss. We finally got the R&R that we had been craving and time with the ocean. We even went to see Jurassic World! It was actually a bit of a novelty, but also quite strange to go to the movies after working such long hours and seeing so many live shows. Needless to say we enjoyed ourselves and pretended to be dinosaurs. Laura massacred a herd of unsuspecting, colorful gummy bears with her dino-ferocity.

Too soon, our mini vacation came to an end and we were back in Portland, ME by Thursday. Our venue was huge and up a few flights of stairs. Luckily they had an elevator that the box fit into, but it was so small, that not much else fit. Good thing we're professionals! We had our tech and our first show that day. There wasn’t a lot of opportunity for us to advertise because most of that happened while we were still in Montreal. We put up a few posters and checked on the distribution of our bookmarks. We had sent them ahead of time and when we got there, there were hardly any left! That night, as we crawled under the box and waited for the audience to come in, we had no idea how many people would be there. In fact, it wasn’t until I opened the box and peaked out for the first time, that I realize there were a lot of people nestled into seats. And they laughed! They liked our jokes!

We had our next show on Saturday and even more people came. It was amazing. The other Portland treated us well and we were very happy to be a part of the fringe festival there.

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