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Day 10, 11, & 12, Vancouver Fringe Festival


We've been so busy I bet you've just been glued to your computer screen waiting for an update. Well, TED TO THE RESCUE!

Friday we took a little vacation to see the Museum of Anthropology. Cool stuff! Lots of totem poles and masks! Diane had to stop me from breaking the glass and playing with all the toys. Diane insisted their "artifacts". If that's the case, why are there copies of everything in the gift shop??

We were able to catch LUDWIG AND LOHENGRIN and a MIND FULL OF DOPAMINE before our own show. The first was a one-man show about an ace "crazy" king in a full house and the second was about getting a full house and being crazy for Kings and Aces. It really made me want to hit the casinos! Diane tells me that isn't the point, but really, this guy should be on those commercials.

Saturday we saw...well...let's just skip the shows we saw on Saturday. The moral is not everything at the Fringe is gold! Some of it is...dirt!

Sunday we had a very small audience. But two audience members were talent scouts for CIRK DOO SOLAY. Diane tells me I'm spelling that wrong, but we're not in a French-speaking country anymore, I'll do what I want here in America! Anyway, they asked the clowns to audition for them! THIS IS BIG! I GOTTA PACK! WAHOO!!!

We'll tell you all the details later!!!!!!

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