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If Carol Burnett and the Three Stooges had twins who were raised by Mr. Bean, you'd get award-winning clown duo Boof Clowns


We are Box of Clowns, a physical theatre ensemble from Portland, Oregon. We are a clown troupe and proudly come from a tradition of popular theatre.  Our premier work, "Mom?", was our culmination project at Dell'Arte International School of Physical Theatre, and thus our box was born. Our ensemble methods have grown out of the teachings at Dell’Arte, our own group research, and a collective desire to find delight and humor in unexpected places.  We benefit from pushing ourselves past expected limits physically and mentally, ruthless play, and fierce editing. Box of Clowns aims to create visceral, emotional, and provocative experiences for our audiences.

The ensemble

Jeff Desautels

Jeff is an actor-creator and recent New England transplant to Portland, Oregon. He holds a B.A. in Theatre with a minor in Dance from Salve Regina University where he earned the Arthur R. Masterson Award for Acting and Technical Theater Award. He has also studied at the London Academy of Music and Dramatic Art and the Dell’Arte International School of Physical Theater. Jeff has worked throughout New England and the West Coast in theaters as an actor, clown, performance artist, director, teacher, writer, props master, and lighting technician. Favorite projects have included writing and performing in a cow-puppet Earth Day celebration, creating a horror-comedy Improv show with The Nonsequiters, and devising a musical within an ensemble and the community of Orleans, California. He does not regret unleashing the clown, Frank, onto the unwitting masses.


Laura Loy

Laura Loy is an actor-creator, singer, dancer, director, teacher and Incendiary/Founder of Box of Clowns. She believes in the transformative power of art and is currently working on ripping apart the time-space continuum with the help of the audience. Since beginning her career in her New Hampshire backyard, she has gone on to perform in venues across North America. Recent Portland, OR credits include work with Imago, Tears of Joy, the steep & thorny way to heaven, & the fabulous Sir Cupcake! Miss Loy is a graduate of the Univ. of New Hampshire with a BA in Theatre & Dance and the PTP at Dell’Arte International School of Physical Theatre.


Anna Sell

Anna is an actor-creator located in Portland, OR who originated from northern Minnesota.  From a young age, she knew she was destined for the stage and so pursued her delights, beginning in the depths of her treehouse and working up to a B.A. in theatre from Concordia College, Moorhead in the spring of 2012.   She then moved out to the west coast and graduated from Dell’arte International School of Physical Theatre the following spring.  Throughout her educational adventures she refined and expanded her calling to encompass many artistic outlets including not only the stage, but also music, poetics, painting, crafting and dance.  Through Dell’arte, she created four original works in an ensemble including “Free-range Commedia,” “Finding the Way Home,” “Who You Callin’ Bozo?” and “Mom?”.  Now in Portland, she is continuing down the path of devised new work and has since involved herself in several pieces, including “Mustache,” “Overlanders: A Misadventure,” and the continuation of "Mom?".


Click here to view Anna's Website.


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