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Day 4, Vancouver Fringe Festival

An excerpt from Patty's Diary.

Dear Diary,

O. M. G. Yesterday was so so so so so much fun! We started the day off slow, you know, because Mom and Ted needed their beauty sleep. Mom's anti-aging cream only works if she has it on for exactly 11 1/2 hours. Honestly, I don't think it really matters anyways. The camera adds 10 years, and so she looks her age anyways. But enough about that. We started the day off on Granville Island. We tried to get into one show, but they were totally sold out. #Bumskies #WaytogoTedandDiane We ended up seeing another show on our list anyways. The Dark Fantastic was fantastic. I fell in love with the main character and now I want a man-child with two hearts for my own. So long Justin Bieber! Swoon for my new man. Maybe he has an OKCupid profile! O. M. G. I'm totally gonna check that out as soon as I'm done here.

We then had some yummy yummy lunch on the boardwalk. Ted and Diane were watching the city's skyline, but I was totally checking out all the hot guys. #somanycuties #greencardanyone? We then went back to the house and helped the clowns rehearse the ending of their show. They are so totally into refining the crap out of every single moment. How on earth could anyone be that dedicated to their craft?! They had a show last night, which was awesome! They were totes on top of their game last night and the audience ate them up! Well, not really, just figuratively. Anyways, they've got another show this morning and I totally have to help them load in and load out. Jeez, does a girl never get a break?

Peace out,


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