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Day 1- Vancouver Fringe Festival

Well, let me tell you, the clowns were up to a lot today! They got to sleep in after their long travel day yesterday and then they got right back into the car and went to load in and tech their show. The show's tech guy was really nice and the neighborhood was a bit less so. But the venue is great, people, just great. And did you know, it used to be a firehall? Wow! Really, folks, it was built in 1909 and it is bright red, just like a fireman's helmet.

The show looked great after tech, and so did Elsie [the car. The CLOWN car, really, haha] she was so happy to be rid of that giant trunk on her roof. So happy that she sped those clowns right over to Granville Island, the main hub for the fringe. Literally and entire island devoted to just the fringe. And gelato- the clowns recommend the Mango, pardon, mango flavor in particular.

After postering and advertising the clowns were able to write the first 3 chapters in their 'Fringe Bible': 1) Buy the right size staples for your staple gun, 2) Creativity is key when the only space left covers a mail slot, 3) Gelato (really- try the mango, it's fabulous).

But folks, the real big day will be tomorrow, when the clowns open their show and perform in the Fringe for All, where they will convince the entire city of Vancouver to come see "Mom?" by being super funny.

Canadian-isms- Washroom for bathroom, Pink Cream Soda!

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