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24 Hours and Counting

With about 24 hours left to go, we’ve been furiously packing and planning and rehearsing for our first tour of “Mom?”: A Comedy of Mourners. Last week all of our media pieces arrived: fun posters, awesome buttons, sweet prayer cards and snazzy business cards. We’ve updated our press release, contacted media outlets, and finalized props and set pieces. On Saturday, Jeff arrived straight off of the boat and we officially began to pack and prepare. Everything is coming together piece by piece and we are finally seeing the fruition of all of our hard work.

We are all very thrilled to be heading to Canada and we are ever so grateful for everyone who has donated to our campaign so far. Without the help of our loved ones and random strangers who just really like clowns, we wouldn’t be able to move forward with this opportunity. The three of us have also been planning and plotting secret ways to make it up to all of you. Just you wait!

Up until now, the blog has been a little lapse. However, as we head into the wonderful terror of our first fringe festival, we will be taking extra care to make sure that we take you with us every step of the way. Keep checking up on the blog to see where we are at and who knows- maybe some fun videos may start appearing. Thank you for following!

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