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Days 5 & 6: Don't Miss This! Vacouver Fringe Festival

Diane, Media Personality, offers a thrilling window into the Box's exploits on Sunday and Monday.

Sunday, Sunday, can't trust that day. Except at the Vancouver Fringe! Mom? had the first slot of the day at the Firehall and they performed magnificently. Just ask their biggest audience yet- they were beautiful, they almost hit 20! Well, not hit them, rather had a house of a certain size. The Box kept on their makeup, headed over to Granville Island- the Fringe hub, and donned a cardboard box that read 'Photo Booth with Box of Clowns.' They got pictures with all their biggest fans on the island, and plenty of themselves too- after all, they were the ones IN the photo booth.

Now, our evening, was a laugh a minute! First we caught Grumble Production's Gary has a Date, which made me laugh so hard I cried- literally folks! And then James and Jamesey's High Tea, in which I played God, see the picture if you don't believe me. It was delightful Monty-Python-esque journey into the imagination. Including a door made of marshmallows (my favorite part).

Monday was a 'no-show' day for the clowns, by which I mean they were completely present, but did not have a show. They sought out the ocean and hiked around beautiful Lighthouse Park in West Vancouver. They were also...ON THE RADIO! That's right, ladies and gentlemen, the Box was interviewed live for the Arts Report on CiTR 101.9. They did beautifully, and that's coming from someone who is in the industry (me). For the evening we saw our fellow Portlandians, Chase & Stacey (of the Curious Comedy Club), in Chase & Stacey's Joyride. Improv at it's best folks and amazing musical prowess to boot. And they both wore boots.

There was a little Dell'Arte and friends meet-up at the Fringe Bar- what a great crowd! And then, Aiden Flynn Lost His Brother and Made Another. If you have ever watched a child learn to walk, or find out that their food fits in their mouth, then this is the show for you. Very moving and lots of movement. Just beautiful- I cried, made me think of Patty in diapers. Actually I'd rather not think about those diapers!

That's all for the exciting feats of the clowns for now. More tomorrow from Ted!

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